Ben Holt Memorial Branch establishes a NEW division for young musicians

The Ben Holt Memorial Branch recently announced the formation of a new division that will showcase and support the talents of young and aspiring musicians in the Washington, DC area.  Youth through the age of 17 are invited to enroll in the new division by completing the membership form available at or by contacting the branch by e-mail at   The enrollment fee is $30 per child.  Through its new division, the Ben Holt Memorial Branch offers a variety of unique and awarding musical experiences, including opportunities for the youth to network, travel, and perform with professional and aspiring musicians throughout the country and abroad.  Enrolled youth will also have opportunities to receive financial assistance and compete for scholarships to support their music study and achievements.  The Ben Holt Memorial Branch shares in the tradition of The National Association of Negro Musicians in providing encouragement and support to African American musicians, many of whom have become widely respected figures in music and have contributed significantly to American culture and music history.